McRamon - Sprite Boy application

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McRamon - Sprite Boy application

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General Information:

Discord: McRamon#8051

CKEY: McRamon

Desired Position: Art director (or just Mr. Spriter)

Active Characters: Magomed Susurkaev

Server Playtime: 2 hours

Approximate SS13 Playtime: 4-5 years (with breaks) on different servers, mainly Paradise and CM

Prior Experience: Mentor on Paradise, Admin on Russian Paradise (not really admin in terms of responsibilities, more of an advisor role)

Previous Applications: none

Previous SS13 bans: 2 bans on Paradise: 1 - long time ago self antag (got bored and went too much with greytiding), 2 - ghost out of character and generally bad roleplay as hop (had very bad shift, shameful mistake), perma ban on some low RP russian server from 2016 (never felt like appealing, was very displeased with level of RP).

Age: 28

Available time: lets say around 15-25 hours/week, but its hard to really calculate.
Reason For Application: i was invited to make this app two times. I generally want to create. I like the attitude and open mindness of the staff team.
Thing is, as you may have noticed while reading information above, i have only 2h of playtime (basically 2 non-full shifts during low pop) on the server. That is because i am not really interested in playing the game anymore. I play round or two in a week on Paradise, but thats basically it. I am more interested in creating worlds than playing them now. I would love to become a part of the staff team of an actively developing server where i can share my ideas.
I help few different servers with sprites, however taking a role of an "official" spriter is an opportunity to create a big project.

Why do you enjoy SS13? SS13 is just... entire different world full of events and friends.

I will answer Administrator app questions, even though they are probably not relevant for my app, just to be sure.


Please List what you believe the role of administration is on the serve:
The role of administration on each server is foremost in maintaining the atmosphere of the server, its respectful and pleasurable environment. That basically covers everything, from guiding players to banning griefers.
Another big part of administrator job is to make sure every round is interesting and entertaining (when it is necessary) - using for example custom events or "CC orders" to direct players and roleplay.

Why do you believe administration puts such a large emphasis on de-escalation techniques?
People can make mistakes, and its important not to escalate situation any further where people might do something they will regret. Problematic person will never become less problematic under pressure.

Please describe what you believe to be the current state of the server and what you plan to do to improve it:
Well, current state of the server is very similar to Paradise. Which is not bad. Its hard to upkeep a good balance between RP and action (tea drinking sessions and counter strike), and i think its important to have interested active administrators to create custom interesting events for players (it could be large scale "we are building new station" events and it could be little events for small groups of people, for example "stranger that lives on lavaland and miners sometimes meet him and do stuff together").

Practice Questions

Two players are in an OOC argument over the example listed. Neither player is an antagonist. Player 1 had began to punch player 2 without provocation. Player 2 in response then uses a crowbar and starts to repeatedly beat player 1 with it. Player 1 in response to this takes out a Tactical shotgun and blasts off player 2's head with a single shot. Please describe who you believe is in the wrong and what actions you would take to resolve this.
There are factors that i depend on in that scenario - players' notes, their playtime. Obviously, player 1 is wrong, his beating could be considered bar fight in certain circumstances, but the shotgun part is outright self-antagging. Player 2 only tried to defend themselves (even though they went over the top). If i was an admin, i would contact both players and act depending on their answers to my questions and their notes. Player 2 would probably be notified about proper self defense (disarms and call for security), player 1 can get anything from a warning to a ban. Since death of Player 2 had no real RP or gameplay reasons, i would rejuvenate them.

in your own words, please describe Metagrudging:
Harassing another player ICly without any IC reasons (because you are mad at someone over the events of previous rounds for example or because you don't like the player OOCly over the PRs they merged)

in your own words, please describe Powergaming:
Sacrificing RP and fun of other players in order to achieve "win" (it can be greentext as an antag or maxxed rnd in 5 minutes, or even suicide bombing blob with maxcap), and generally using all available game mechanics that help you in one way or another (for example, a doctor that walks around with all the engineering tools and in hardsuit from roundstart or hop who has personal medical storage and armory in backpack just in case).

And now, nonexisting spriting questions.
As a spriter whose vote has some weight in terms of server development, first of all i would aim at consistency. Current sprite situation can be described as a "hot soup". It is true for Paradise and Scorpio, true for TG (even though its a little bit better out there), and many other servers.
Good examples of servers with art direction are: CM, Eris and, believe it or not, Lifeweb.
First of all, we need consistent perspective (and my vote goes for the one from TG). Secondly, we need a color palette. That is hard job, and i am not sure if i can create prefect color palette, but at least there must be consistency of material colors and shading.
General art style should be developed. For example if we go for clean sci-fi, everthing should be done in that style - sci fi camera consoles, sci-fi wizard clothes(look at Thor from Infinity war) , sci-fi tables and chairs.
My personal favorites are: grimdark (WH40k), sci-fi ( Mass Effect), retro futurism (fallout 4 style or more modern like in movie Alien or Total Recall from 1990). Style obviously should be developed in cooperation with Maints and Heads.

For those who want to see my sprite protfolio, i created death and hell cult sprites (which by the way will be also reworked to fit consistent art style), also you can look at some stuff i posted in discord sprite channel, or ask me in discord and i will send you examples.
My perfect scenario is to resprite almost entire game (though doing it only by myself would take way too much time) and also get some help from coders to code some visual only features (like animation scripts or effects).

P.S. I am not really sure what else to tell, feel free to ask me any questions.
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Re: McRamon - Sprite Boy application

Post by nl208 »

Hello McRamon,

I'm pleased to tell you that your application for sprite & art lead has been accepted by staff vote.

Your permissions will be sorted shortly ingame, on Discord, and on our forum. We look forward to having you on the team.