Luxy_boo - Mentor Application

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Luxy_boo - Mentor Application

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General Information:

Discord: luxy_boo:3106

CKEY: LuxyLucy

Desired Position: Mentor

Active Characters: Lily Hona and Ploof.

Server Playtime: At the time of making this it is 312 hours

Approximate SS13 Playtime: 219 Hours on paradise station

Prior Experience: I have some experience in teaching people how to do things correctly

Previous Applications: I have made a mentor application before for this server but it was rejected because of too low of hours

Previous SS13 bans: I have not been banned on scorpio nor have I been banned outside of scorpio

Age: I am 16

Available time: I will be available at most times of the week, I am normally available from 3pm - 10pm cst.

Reason For Application: I wish to be a mentor because I am fairly active on the server and would like to be able teach people how to do things that they would like to know.

Why do you enjoy SS13?: I enjoy SS13 because when you feel like you know everything the game will throw something new at you, and another reason I love SS13 is because the game feels very unique in a way that I can not put into words.


Primary Department: Science, Supply, Service, Engineering, Mechanic, Command, Medical

Departmental Knowledge:
Science: I know how to do toxins without any help whatsoever, I know Xenobiology thoroughly like how to get rainbow slimes and other difficult to obtain slimes,~~i cant do rnd anymore :(~~, I am able to do robotics but I am not the greatest at IPC surgery, And finally sci-chem I have the full ability to make most chemicals without issue, one thing that I can't do is the E.X.P.E.R.I.-MENTOR infact I have no clue on how to use it.
Botany: I am well versed in botany, I have the ability to make healing tomatoes and get gaia within 5 minutes of the shift, I also know what each chemical does for plants.
Mining: I know mining but that is because it is fairly easy to understand, I am able to get requested ores without trouble unless I encounter megafauna, I also know all of the normal fauna attacks and how to avoid them.
Engineering: I am able to build rooms, make APC's, build vents and scubbers, use an RCD, and set up tesla.
Mechanic: I know how to make the pod, replace the battery and space explore safely, I am able to raid the syndie depot without dying and get most of the stuff needed to raid it.
Medical: I know how to properly set up the cryo tubes, I know how to make chems that are valuable to medical, and I know how to do genetics, and surgery. The only thing I don't know how to do is virology.
Supply: I know how to do supply like moving boxes into the shuttle at round start and how to get points for cargo.

General Knowledge: I know how to set up telecoms, refile automenders, and other things that can not think off the top of my head.

Antagonist Knowledge: I know barely anything about most antags.
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Re: Luxy_boo - Mentor Application

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Hello, Luxy_boo

I am pleased to inform you that we have decided to approve your application for position of mentor on our server.

Your permissions should be set up shortly. If you have any questions, please do message me or other staff.

Welcome to the team!