Proposal - Species - Kidan

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Proposal - Species - Kidan

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Re: Proposal - Species - Kidan

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Kidan Rework Suggestion

Hello everyone. I've been listening to various stations on what things they like and dislike about Kidan so far. Here's a few suggestions I have personally come up with to address and rework the Kidan:

Firstly, the Lack of eyewear is a love-hate relationship with Kidan players. A lot of Pure kidan players think it's appropriate to be not able to wear eye wear. I also side with this. No changes there
However, as a mining culture, the Kidan should be able to see in the same way that other species can with mesons. Therefore, the primary change to Kidan racials is suggested:

*Remove all organs except Lungs, Eyes, and Brain. Many insect species do not have internal organs in the same way as humans and other animals do. Their blood is instead their processing organs and etc.
*Increase Bleedout rate. Again, Bugs tend to not have any way to Coagluate blood so, in that interest, Kidan should be at risk of bleedout faster than any other species- this also serves as a balancing for the next few suggestions
*Echo location: This would be the Same ability tied to Meson scanners, which peroidically ping rocks in Lavaland. This ability would be on cooldown based spell cast, using a tiny amount of energy to use. The cooldown would have to be tested but could be short or long based on the balancing of it.
*reduce the brute resistance built in to kidan by about 50%
*reduce Pest Spray damage by about 20%

Feel free to comment your thoughts on this.
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