Species Discussion stems caught from our Discord. (by community)

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Species Discussion stems caught from our Discord. (by community)

Post by Rikkulesca »

krexz, zarak, and fruit borgsToday at 9:05 AM
i think more lore and rp oriented stuff for races is cool'

Samantha, Sojourner, ZvenToday at 8:54 AM
it's neat and does reflect the mining race thing
kida are supposed to have super robust immune systems so i don't get the toxins thing
hell, huffing plasma is half of their lore

KikeriToday at 8:52 AM
Wasn't the ant rework containing a thing with clicks and clacks doing an echolocation thing? ((Begining of the discussion about Kidan reworks, for context, people who play Kidan WANT there to be limitations on the eyewear, and don't agree with the Toxin rework))

Samantha, Sojourner, ZvenToday at 8:53 AM
i like that the lack of using an eyewear slot makes them play just a bit different from human
much more than "don't get stung by a bee once" would

samoolToday at 8:54 AM
Oooh the echolocation thing would be cool

Sheriff Rikkulesca (Sabre)Today at 9:09 AM
2. Make them bleed faster
3. Remove most of their organs (since bugs usually irl have very squishy/non existant organ structures.)

Post any Stems you find notable here!
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