On Map Rotation

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On Map Rotation

Post by Veloxi »

Originally, I thought map rotation would be a possibility, but it is still a long way out at this time.

1. ParaCode does not have direct support for map rotation

The map to be used on the server is set during compile time and not a configuration value.
This means changing to a different map is roughly equivalent to hosting a test merge.
This isn't particularly difficult to do; we could build one image per map and add something to switch between them.
(Adding this switchery is maybe 1/2 day of server work.)

2. Available Maps

Although the ParaCode codebase has Box (Cyberiad), Delta, and Metastation maps, the only fully functional map is Box.

There is some work on Paradise to standardize these maps and add rotation:
* https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/12071
* https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/12345

But speaking with the author, those PRs still require some work to deconflict and merge, so it will be awhile before they see inclusion from upstream.

This leaves Scorpio with two viable maps: Box and Emerald

Scorpio would like to distinguish itself from it's parent upstream, and Box is highly modified (Cyberiad) and unique to Paradise.
Emerald was created especially for Scorpio and gives us a unique flavor, making it the preferred choice.

3. The Future of Map Rotation

I am not, on principle, opposed to map rotation. I think it can be a neat way to mix things up and keep things interesting.
The technical and content issues make it infeasible at this time, but there is work being done on the other maps.

We also have a project to Repair Metastation but it's fairly low on the priority list, as we work to debug Emerald for the public opening.

If you have any thoughts about map rotation, or want to champion the map fixes, please feel free to share here.
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Re: On Map Rotation

Post by EmeraldCandy »

Map rotation will no longer occur as a new, custom map has been uploaded to the station
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