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Public Opening

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Welcome to Scorpio Station

The Scorpio Station community invites you to the public opening of the new Space Station 13 server: Scorpio Station

Friday, July 3rd at 9:00 PM (GMT) / 5:00 PM (US Eastern)

Join us on Discord!

- We are a Medium Roleplay (MRP) server based on ParaCode; a downstream of Paradise Station.

- A new corporate entity, Ark Soft, purchased a Nanotrasen space station and renovated it for terraforming research.
Vulpkanin are divided about the ethics of using Altam as a test world for this new technology.

- Our station is running an original new station map: EmeraldStation
Preview it here:

- Many gameplay changes are in the works!
We are always open to new ideas and positive collaboration!
Share your vision and let's build a wonderful SS13 experience together!