Ban Appeal Template (Please use this)

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Ban Appeal Template (Please use this)

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The title of your must be as follow: "Banned By (ADMIN NAME): Appeal for (YOUR CKEY)

Example: Banned By: EmeraldCandy: Appeal For ClownMcHonker

In Character Name: The name of the character being used at the time of the ban

CKEY: Your username in BYOND. If this is missing, your ban will be denied without review

Date of the Ban: The date you were banned. This can be found on the ban message when you enter the server

Duration of the Ban: How long the ban was for

Reason for the ban: The reason you were banned. Please include the exact message provided when you try to enter the server

Admin Byond Key: The CKEY of the admin who banned you. If you do not know which admin banned you, feel free to privately message one of the staff

Your Appeal: Explain why you believe you should be unbanned. Generally, this should include reading over the Server Rules and listing exactly which rules you broke, and apologizing for breaking said rule. The more detailed, the better. You may also attempt explaining why you never broke a rule, however this will have a much lower success and may generally lead to your application being denied.