Application Template (Please use this)

Apply here to join the Scorpio Station staff.
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Application Template (Please use this)

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Requirements for applying for Scorpio Station Staff:
  • No rule violations within the last 3 months
  • Fluent in English with few major errors
  • Good attitude and ability to appear professional

General Information:

Discord: Your full discord name, including your number tag.

CKEY: Your Byond username.

Desired Position: Please list the position you are applying for. Please list only one

Active Characters: Any characters that you have played regularly in the last 3 months.

Server Playtime: Your current playtime on the Scorpio Station server.

Approximate SS13 Playtime: Your play time on any and all SS13 server .

Prior Experience: Any past experience in roles (SS13 or not) that could apply here.

Previous Applications: If you have applied for staff position in the past, please link them here. Please state if there are none

Previous SS13 bans: Please list and and all SS13 bans. This includes bans outside of Scorpio Station. Please state if there are none

Age: What is your current age? NOT your characters age

Available time: Please list the days of the week and general time that you will be available to moderate for the server, along with approximately how many hours a week you will have available.

Reason For Application: The reason why you wish to be part of the staff team.

Why do you enjoy SS13?


Primary Department: The department(s) you primarily play in. If applicable, list sub-departments (Such as Chemistry, Robotics, Botany, ETC)

Departmental Knowledge: How versed you are in certain departments or areas. The more information you have, the better the chances of a successful application. You do not need to get incredibly specific, however you should make it very clear what you know of the subject. Such as the example below, "Surgery" is incredibly vauge and provides little context. What type of surgery? whats needed for surgery?


"I play medical doctor often and am comfortable working with surgery"

"I am fluent in multiple forms of surgeries, including Broken bones, internal bleeding, Alien Larvae Removal, and revitalizing dead organ tissue."

General Knowledge: Information that does not pertain to any department may go here. This may include things such as how to refill fire extinguishers, Telecomms setup, or Atmosphere physics.

Antagonist Knowledge: How versed you are in antag knoweldge, or other general non-job roles such as free golems or ash walkers.


Please List what you believe the role of administration is on the serve:

Why do you believe administration puts such a large emphasis on de-escalation techniques?

Please describe what you believe to be the current state of the server and what you plan to do to improve it:

Practice Questions

Two players are in an OOC argument over the example listed. Neither player is an antagonist. Player 1 had began to punch player 2 without provocation. Player 2 in response then uses a crowbar and starts to repeatedly beat player 1 with it. Player 1 in response to this takes out a Tactical shotgun and blasts off player 2's head with a single shot. Please describe who you believe is in the wrong and what actions you would take to resolve this.

in your own words, please describe Metagrudging:

in your own words, please describe Powergaming: