Denghis - Mentor Application

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Denghis - Mentor Application

Post by denghis »

General Information:

Discord: Denghis#9853

CKEY: Denghis

Desired Position: Mentor

Active Characters: NULL

Server Playtime: 22h

Approximate SS13 Playtime: Paradise, 555 hours as crew, quite a few hours extra observing as a mentor as well. This is not counting all the hours spent on testservers testing mechanics.

Prior Experience: Mentor for Paradise Station

Previous Applications: None

Previous SS13 bans: None that i know of

Age: 30

Available time: mon-sun, generally from 20/21 CET to 23/00 CET, some variations on available days and times occur due to real life, and due to me also mentoring for paradise.

Reason For Application: I Like helping out new and experienced players alike, being a mentor gives me the opportunity and tools needed to do that properly. I am always glad to help people and will at times fire up a testserver to teach people basics or atmos magic.

Why do you enjoy SS13?
SS13 is a unique game when it comes to player interaction, and the stories people end up creating are simply put amazing.


Primary Department: Engineering (atmos), Supply.

Departmental Knowledge:

If the application reviewers feel that the list here is thin, let me know and i can extend it for sure, i just did not want to copy paste the lists i made for my paradise app.

I know a fair bit about many departments, but my strongest is engineering for sure.

Capable of setting up the tesla, singularity, supermatter, teg and turbine without causing a disaster.
Capable of pretty much rebuilding atmospherics should it get destroyed.
Same goes for rebuilding most rooms or making new ones as well, from making sure atmos is good, to the power being on and access set on doors.

I am fairly competent on the basics of mining, fighting megafauna on the other hand is not my strong suite.
I can get your crate shipped through mail, crate sender, mule or hand deliveries.
And i have spent a fair amount of time as the QM on para, and can passably handle herding a crew of cargo techs and miners around.

No problem constructing a mech, remember to emote for the mime mech.
Please for the love of all that is holy, turn on the speaker on a posibrain that is active but not in a body.

Not huge here, i have some surgeries i could do like fixing internal bleeding, but mostly i would need the wiki up for this.

Janitor:The backpack watertank, and the refiller in the office is a great combo
Chef: Pester botany for food, rearrange your workspace to suit your needs, and pester science for upgrades.

Again not my strongest, i am capable of producing bombs, and getting levels researched. And last i checked my slimes did not starve to death.

Sec: Only experience here is as IAA, always keep a tab open with space law and SoP. Going around inspecting departments and writing reports can be fun, just try not to ruin the round for everyone by being anal about SoP, go talk to the head of that department instead about it.

Command: Experience as NTRep (arksoft rep in this case i guess) sending faxes to CC can get you out of trouble, but also into trouble, be mindful. As command, it is important to talk to eachother as well, communication is key.

General Knowledge:

You can keep boxes in your backpack to increase your capacity for smaller items.
Coins can be placed into many vendors to unlock hidden items to buy, say insulated gloves from the youtool vendor. (add a wire to the coin for a chance of getting it back)
Numpad keys can be used to target specific body parts, allowing you to say, weld all the limbs of an IPC at once.
Toggle hotkey mode using TAB to make your life a whole lot easier.
Crates can be set to give shocks, add 15 cable and an electropack from a hacked autolathe, and it will shock anyone not using insulated gloves, who try to open the crate.
Burning paper is a much safer way to make ash.
Number keys can be used to toggle intent.
An IPC brain is in the chest, they can survive without their head.
An IPC can recharge in a cyborg recharger
Do not remove the breath mask of a vox
Do not remove mask/suit of plasmaman
Drag yourself onto a chair to buckle yourself to it, hit b or the unbuckle icon to unbuckle.
Most item interactions require you to actually click on the item in question, failure to actually click on the sprite can lead to unintended consequences.
To sign a paper write [sign] (there is a pen in your PDA)
Your ID can be stored in your PDA, the PDA also has a nifty flashlight
Do not put a bag of holding inside a bag of holding
suit sensors can be set by right clicking on your suit.
Feeding holy water to an IPC will make them slur.
A long straight line, a wrench and a pressurized atmos pipe is a great way to travel far in a straight line. (just hope you do not crash into anyone on the way)
If you do not wish to fly, stand ontop of the pipe when wrenching.

Antagonist Knowledge: Not too vell versed in antags, i generally do not play as an antag. But, i have noticed that many questions regarding antags also apply to general knowledge, say hacking. Atleast judging by mhelps on para

Not sure if the application is long enough or good enough. But i am more than willing to answer any followup questions either here, on discord or in-game.

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Re: Denghis - Mentor Application

Post by nl208 »

Hello Denghis,

Thank you for submitting an application! I'm pleased to say that it's been accepted following a staff vote.

You should have your in-game permissions shortly. If they're not there by the next time you're on, please PM me or Veloxi and we'll get it sorted.

We look forward to having you on the team.