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The Game Mode decides what events and occurrences will happen during the round, and what goals everyone has. Sometimes, it can be changed by admins, or by voting.

Random events

Random events are events which may happen during another round type. They include meteor waves, virus outbreaks and more.


The default game mode on Paradise. This mode picks from most of the good modes randomly, and doesn't inform the players what the game mode is at the beginning of the round. In addition, certain random events may occur during the round.

If admins decide to be a little playful, they can force a certain game mode to be Secret!

Secret currently has the following game modes in rotation:

Sword.gif Traitor

"There is a syndicate traitor on the station. Do not let the traitor succeed!"

The most common game mode in secret. In Traitor, one or more crew members are Syndicate agents and are given a PDA Uplink to provide them with useful tools to help them complete their goal. The Crew must find out who the traitors are and stop them from reaching their goal.

Traitor objectives are usually one of the following:

  • Assassinate/Protect a specific crew member.
  • Steal a restricted item.
  • Ensure only fellow traitors are on the Emergency Shuttle when it leaves, or just escape alive and free.
  • Die a glorious death.
  • Debrain an specific crew member.
  • Maroon a specific crew member.

If the Traitors can meet all of their objectives when the emergency shuttle leaves, they win. However, being in the Shuttle Brig (marked with red flooring) or handcuffed does not count toward escaping and will cause the traitor to fail. Note that traitors win individually - they may band together and work as a team, but it is not required for them to succeed.

Game Ending Conditions:

Sword.gif Auto Traitor

"Traitors will be added to the round automagically as needed."

Similar to Traitor, but people start to become Traitors as the round progresses.

Game Ending Conditions:

Changeling32.gif Changeling

"There are alien changelings on the station. Do not let the changelings succeed!"

Some of the crew are not what they appear to be! These Changelings are monsters in human form, with the ability to absorb (eat) people and take on their DNA/identity. Changelings must have a quiet spot and an immobile victim in order to absorb their body, so stealth is absolutely necessary. Changelings have other weapons at their disposal, such as a toxin dart, but is largely stealth-based. Changeling can be anyone they've absorbed - they can switch identities instantaneously, only absorbing takes time and peace. Like traitors, changelings will most often have an objective to accomplish before the Escape Shuttle arrives, usually absorb a certain amount of people before escaping. They also win individually, and may choose to back stab one another in order to complete their objectives.

Game Ending Conditions:

Vampire.png Vampire

"There are Vampires on the station, keep your blood close and neck safe!"

Similar to Changeling and Traitor, Vampires are on-board the Cyberiad with objectives similar to traitors. These life force-absorbing monsters want thirst for blood! And they'll not stop until they're done with their objectives. Be very careful and do not get your blood sucked by them! Vampires will have these objectives:

  • Accumulate X amount of blood.
  • Assassinate a specific crew member.
  • Steal a restricted item.
  • Escape alive on the emergency shuttle or pod.
  • Staying alive until the end.

Game Ending Conditions:

Shadowling.gif Shadowling

"There are Shadowlings on the station. Stop the Shadowlings before they can enthrall the crew and ascend!"

Stay away from maintenance (Even more so than usual) or you might just be turned into a thrall. Shadowlings are fragile beings that start out looking like a normal crewmember. They can 'evolve' into a weak shadowling form, which has limited powers, and will cause them to take damage in the light. They thrive in the dark, however. After they capture fifteen 'thralls' (Crew which has been turned into shadowling slaves), they can form into ascendance form, at which point you are FUCKED.

Game Ending conditions:

  • If all the Shadowlings (But not Thralls) are killed, the Crew wins.
  • When the Emergency Shuttle leaves, but the Shadowlings did not ascend, the Crew still wins.
  • When the Emergency Shuttle leaves, but the Shadowlings ascend, the Shadowlings win.

Sword.gifChangeling32.gif Traitor + Changeling

The station has been infiltrated by both Changelings and Traitors! Although rare, it is possible to be both a traitor and a changeling. Traitor-changelings are given 4 objectives to complete, but can use both a syndicate uplink and their changeling abilities to accomplish them.

Game Ending Conditions:

Sword.gifVampire.png Traitor + Vampire

Syndicate Traitors joined forces with the Vampires and infiltrated into the NSS Cyberiad! Similar to the aforementioned gamemode but with vampires in place of changelings.

Game Ending Conditions:

Syndicate.png Nuclear Emergency

"A Syndicate Nuclear Strike Force is approaching NSS Cyberiad! Fend them off, and escape with the disk on the shuttle!"

A team of five Syndicate operatives has been sent on a mission to completely destroy the station with a nuclear bomb. However, they must get the Nuclear Authentication Disk from the station itself in order to arm the bomb, and the crew (or at least the captain) will be doing everything in their power to stop the attackers from getting the disk. The operatives have access to the same items Traitors get in order to complete their mission in addition to other items to assault the crew, as well as Pinpointers that will allow them to hunt for the Disk.

Game Ending Conditions:

  • If the shuttle leaves with the Disk on board the NAS Trurl or if all Nuclear Operatives are eliminated, the Crew wins a Major Victory.
  • If the shuttle leaves with the Disk still anywhere on the station, the Syndicate wins a Minor Victory.
  • If the nuke detonates in the station successfully and the syndicate shuttle escapes, the Syndicate wins a Major Victory.
  • If the nuke detonates in the station successfully but no syndicates manage to escape, no-one wins.

Blob-animated-core.gif Blob

"A dangerous bio-hazard is rapidly spreading throughout the station! Ensure it doesn't spread off station, at all costs!"

The Blob is a large and constantly growing sentient creature which destroys everything in its path, attacking whatever gets in the way. Destroy the blob before it destroys the entire station!

Game Ending Conditions:

  • If the crew manage to destroy the blob core(s), the crew wins.
  • If the blob manages to spread to a predetermined size, the crew loses.

Cultist.png Cult

"A strange cult seems to have formed on station. Do not let the cult succeed in its mission!"

A vile magic cult of brainwashed acolytes has infiltrated the station, and it is up to Security and the Chaplain to stop them. Quite similar to Revolution, with some exceptions:

  • There are no defined "Cult heads", all cultists are equal; but each original cultist starts with a special 5-use talisman that comes with a set of basic rites, including most importantly tome summoning.
  • Cultists draw runes from their own blood, requiring arcane tomes to do so.
  • Using a "Rune of Binding", cultists are able to create a variety of talismans from simple paper, which are similar to runes, but far more portable.
  • Cultists must cooperate in order to expand their cause - a conversion ritual requires at least two individuals.
  • Drawn runes do a number of effects covered in cult magic.
  • The shuttle is possible to call and will end the round. If the cult does poorly, having a number of cultists escape on it is one of the possible objectives.
  • The cult's objectives progress as they complete them, which are chosen at random from several possibilities. These include using a sacrifice rune to sacrifice a typically high-ranking crewmember, using nine cultists to summon their master (which automatically calls the shuttle if it hasn't been already), having at least five cultists evacuate on the escape shuttle and survive the ride to Centcom, or even a "free objective", allowing the cultists to do what they wish if the first objective has already been completed.

Wizard.png Wizard

"The Space Wizard's Federation has sent a hostile wizard to wreak havoc on the station. Stop them!"

A Space Wizard has infiltrated the station! Wielding an arsenal of powerful spells that can defy physics and even time and space itself, he will stop at nothing to advance the Space Wizard Federation's agenda (which is remarkably similar to the Syndicate's). Ark Soft and the SWF are known enemies, so the crew has no choice but to destroy the wizard! Accomplish this by beating the wizard's brains in with anything. The wizard's goals are mainly to steal or cause havoc on the station and escape on the shuttle.
The Wizard can have an apprentice sometimes.

Game Ending Conditions:

  • If the crew manages to kill the wizard, the Crew wins.
  • If the Wizard manages to cause destruction to the station and escape on the Evacuation Shuttle, the Wizard wins.

Paper.png Extended

A gamemode where there are no antagonists - random events can still occur, however.

This mode is designed for people to utilize the relative peace and quiet to roleplay, or to take on large projects that would otherwise not be viable during an antagonist round.

Out Of Rotation

These game modes are not in rotation for multiple reasons but can still be forced by an admin.


"The space station is on a collision course with an asteroid belt. Survive!"

In Meteor, the station gets beat to shit by a Meteor Shower and the crew must survive and eventually escape, either by repairing the damage to the station and creating safe areas, or going every-man-for-himself style and securing their own safety by any means. During Meteor rounds, the Emergency Shuttle cannot be called until a set amount of time has elapsed, usually around ten or twenty minutes.
Everyone present and alive on the shuttle at the end is considered to have won, whereas everyone left behind or dead has lost.

Abductor.png Abductor

"Hostile aliens have infiltrated the NSS Cyberiad and are abducting crew! Don't get abducted, and stop the abductors!"

Abductors have reached the Cyberiad! Unlike their lustier cousins, these aliens simply want to, in classic extraterrestrial style, do research on NT personnel -- by kidnapping them and performing horrifying and exotic probing experiments aboard their alien ship.

Game Ending Conditions:

  • If all of the Abductor Scientists die, the crew win.
  • If all the objectives have been completed, the Abductors win.

Wizard.png Ragin' Mages

"The Space Wizard Federation is pissed. Defeat all the space wizards!"

A sub-variant of Wizard. Wizards are constantly added to the round with different objectives.

Highlander.png Highlander / There Can Only Be One

Everyone spawns with an all access ID, a kilt and a claymore. Last man standing wins. The station is your oyster, go on a rampage!

Rev.png Revolution

"A revolution is afoot! Protect the heads of staff, and survive!"

A gamemode where a random number of people are designated as Revolutionaries and given flashes to convert non-mindshielded crew. The ultimate goal is to either kill all the Command members or force them to flee the station.

Game Ending Conditions:

  • If all revolutionary leaders are dead or have left the station, the station wins.
  • If all command members are dead or have left the station, the revolutionaries win.

Broken Game Modes

Is not longer in secret rotation because of bugs in the coding which have not be fixed yet.

Alien.png Xenos

An Xenomorph Queen and several larvae, along with a AI and a cybernetic xenomorph (borg), start off in a small shuttle similar to Nuclear Emergency however, there is no defined objective. Your only goal is to infest the station and spread your seed.


The Station is thrust into a power struggle between Loyalists seeking to carry out an evil order, and Mutineers trying to stop them and remove them from power. Currently non-functional. Similar to the mythical "RP Rev" gamemode.