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Important Items

Identification Card

Id regular.png The Identification (ID) Card. Every Nanotrasen (or Syndicate) crewmember is always issued with a Identification Card, one of the important items in the game.

This little thin, yet important ID Card can allow you to have access around the station. Meaning this can allow you go from airlock A, to airlock B as long as you have the ID Card access to A, B and so on. This also allows you to access other devices such as consoles, borgs and many more. Your ID contains a variety of personal information, such as the name, occupation or job, blood type as well as Medical and Security information too. IDs can be kept inside of a PDA. Keep in mind that if someone wears obscures their face in any way, they'll be identified as the person who's wear the ID, and not the actual person who's behind their mask. Piority takes place when using IDs too, holding a different ID on your hand while having your ID in your ID slot will access the ID that is on your hand. IDs also have a special ID slot in between the armor slot and the belt slot, PDAs can also hold on to that slot, though they have different slots.

A person with the rights to access an Identification Computer can edit your ID to add or remove those rights. It should only be modified by the Captain or Head of Personnel, but special circumstances may change this.

NOTE: Every department head has access to a department management console, which is located in their office. This gives them the ability to make small access changes or to demote them, but does not allow them to change their department.

ID Type Wielder Description
Nanotrasen Officer's ID
Id centcom.png
Central Command Officer An official-looking ID, straight from Central Command. These are held by Nanotrasen Navy Officers and Special Operations Officers; people paid too much to value your existence. They are all access, but you will die trying to take them.
ERT Member's ID
Id ERT.gif
Emergency Response Team An official-looking ID, straight from Central Command. They have access to everywhere. Coloured strips on the card indicate what rank its owner is. Blue is the Commander; red is an Officer; yellow is an Engineer; white is a Medic, and purple is a Janitor.
Id nano.png
Magistrate; Blueshield; Nanotrasen Representative A sleek, Nanotrasen-themed ID card. All of these have access to the Bridge, but very little access beyond that. The Nanotrasen Representative has the most access by default; sharing the same areas that the Head of Personnel can enter.
Captain's ID
Id gold.png
Captain Popularly known as the 'All-Access' ID Card, the Captain's gold-plated ID represents power and might. This allows the Captain to access every area and device in the station. A spare starts in the Captains Quarters. Desired by all.
Head of Personnel's ID
Id silver.png
Head of Personnel A shiny, silver ID card which shows honour and dedication. Has full access to the Service and Supply departments, as well as access to the Bridge; EVA; Gateway; Vault, and basic access to every other department.
Head of Security's ID
Id hos.png
Head of Security A no-nonsense ID card for a no-nonsense Command member. Has full access to Security, as well as access to the Bridge; EVA; Gateway, and basic access to other departments.
Research Director's ID
Id rd.png
Research Director An ID card of dubious stability; it seems somebody experimented on it a bit too much. Has full access to Research, as well as to the Bridge; EVA; AI Satellite and Upload; Telecommunications; Gateway, and basic access to the Brig.
Chief Engineer's ID
Id ce.png
Chief Engineer A structurally sound ID card, lined with hardened materials to overcompensate. Has full access to Engineering, as well as access to the Bridge; Teleporter; EVA; Telecommunications; AI Satellite, and basic access to the Brig.
Chief Medical Officer's ID
Id cmo.png
Chief Medical Officer A sterilized ID card; it smells like formaldehyde. Has full access to Medical, as well as access to the Bridge; EVA, and basic access to the Brig.
Standard ID
Id regular.png
Misc. Crew; Service Standard identification cards issued to the general staff and to members of the Service department. They have an array of access depending on their job.

Personal Device Assistant (PDA)

((Insert description here))


These little devices are issued to every crew member upon arrival on the station. Every job, no matter how insignificant, gets some form of headset. In order to talk to the station with it simply type <say "; (your text here)">. To talk in different languages however, type <say ";.# (your text here)"> with the # being your language key. And finally, to do /me actions over your headset (Like yawning or sneezing), type <say ";! (your verbal action here)">

Different branches of the station get a unique headset with it's own private channel. In order to use this channel type in <say ":h (your text here)">. And your message will be broadcast to others with the same type of headset. *Note* This does not work on the basic model. You can tell the basic model by its black coloring and lack of label.

All headsets are equipped with a standard encryption key used for the common channel. Screwdrivers can be used to remove the encryption keys and use them in a different headset. All department headsets come with two keys.

Here is a list of channels and how to access them. Examining your headset also shows you all possible channels.

  • :c Command
  • :s Security
  • :e Engineering
  • :u Cargo
  • :m Medical
  • :n Science/Research
  • :z Service

Using :h will connect you with your default department's channel.

Other channels:

  • :b Binary (For AI and cyborgs)
  • :h AI Holopad (For AI)
  • :t Syndicate Channel
  • :$ Centcom Channel

Item Location Purpose Strategy Description
Radio Headset
Almost everyone starts with one. Communicating the people around the station, even if people aren't around you. Use your Department Channel to Communicate with other people who are in your role. A Radio headset that can be found throughout the galaxy. This has 2 slots for encryption keys, which are used for communicating other departments. These are prone to EMPs, and they shut off when they're in the radius of them. It also has two functions, Microphone and Speaker. Microphone allows talking over your headset without actually talking to the headset in a 3x3 radius. Speaker allows the wearer of the headset hear channels. In addition, you can also set a frequency to talk to other channels.
Bowman Headset
Security, Command and Central Command VIPs. Functions very similar to a standard headset. This headset also provides ear protection. A special headset given to various important crewmembers around the station, designed for ear protection.


Having a jumpsuit is extremely important. Without a jumpsuit you will not have an ID slot, a belt slot, or any pocket slots. The jumpsuit is also useful in identifying your department at a glance, and so can be used as part of a disguise.

In addition, jumpsuits now have a full suite of sensors that can be toggled and adjusted by right-clicking on it. They can give out data to the bridge including your location, your health, and your mortality. Used by the Chief Medical Officer and other Heads of Staff to locate you in case you go missing.

Depending on how high you set yours, more information will be available to Crew Monitoring Consoles.

  1. Off: Tells them nothing. You don't even show up on the monitor.
  2. Binary Life Signs: Tells them if you are alive or deceased. The name that shows up on the monitor is the same one on the ID that is being worn. If no ID is worn, you will show up as 'Unknown'.
  3. Vital Tracker: Tells them what your vital statistics are. Separates damage by Suffocation, Toxin, Burn, and Brute.
  4. Tracking Beacon: The maximum level. Tells them what area of the station you're currently in, and your co-ordinate location.
Item Location Purpose Strategy Description
Chameleon jumpsuit.gif
Everyone starts with one, several more are found in lockers all around the station. To hide your naked body, also provides a belt slot, ID slot and two pockets for storage. Just wear it at all times as they're useful and practical. Jumpsuits are the clothing standard on the station. Everyone starts off with one, which describes which job they do. Additional ones are usually found in the changing room, in the dormitory and most job-specific lockers, such as the engineering locker, mining lockers and so on. In addition, Security Jumpsuits provide minor armor to Brute Damage.
Tactical Turtleneck
Chameleon jumpsuit.gif
Many Syndicate operatives use these, including Nuclear Agents and the SIT. For being part of the badass group who are ready to shatter megacorporations! You might actually need another article of clothing if you want to disguise. A nice, fit yet suspicious-looking turtleneck. You look like you're ready to roll out.
Wizard Robe
Chameleon jumpsuit.gif
The Wizard themselves start with one. This is needed in order for Wizards to use their full potential. Wear this, as well as the Wizard Sandals and Wizard Hat to complete the outfit. Unless if you decide to use the No Clothes spell. An iconic blue magical robe worn by the Space Wizard Federation. Feels soft and magical to the touch.


Exosuits are items that can be worn over your jumpsuit in the Exosuit Slot. Some of them contain additional pockets you can fit small items in.

Item Location Purpose Strategy Description
Law Office, Various. Looking the part. No real use. Looks pretty snazzy though. It's just a suit.
Bio Suit
Virology, Toxins, Custodial Closet Protecting against exposure to virologist Wear it when dealing with hazardous substances. The Bio Suit, short for biohazardous suit, protects from direct exposure to chemicals and disease. Wearing one increases your immunity and is one more barrier between you and an chemist
EVA Suit
EVA Protecting against exposure to the vacuum of Space. Wear when you're going to a Space/Gateway expedition. The ExtraVehicular Activity (EVA) Suit is a garment worn to keep a Sentient Being alive in the harsh environment of outer space, vacuum and extreme temperatures.


Items you wear on your face. Some of them can be connected to a gas tank for internals.

Item Location Purpose Strategy Description
Gas Mask
Inside fire safety lockers. Both types can be found in Engineering and Maintenance tunnels. Using it to filter out any contaminations in the air as well as it functions as an internals mask. Without wearing your ID, it will hide your identity and protect your face. They are favored by the Station Engineer
Breath Mask
It is very common for a crewmate to wear a breath mask, since every employee is provided with a complementary Emergency Box Same as above. But it requires an internal tank for it to work. Used when people use the Voice Changer Gas Mask. Unlike gas masks, breath masks must be attached to an air tank in order to have any benefit.
Sterile Mask
Medbay, on Medical Doctor Same as above. But it requires an internal tank for it to work. Internals provide the same disease blocking benefit as these. It's lupus.
Medbay. Wearing it prevent you talking, you can only make muffled noises. Use it to make crazy people shut up. Or people who are screaming for help. It's a muzzle.
Wardrobes Adds style points. Use it to hide your face, or wear it around your head like a hat. these can be worn on your head as well as your face. If worn on your face they can hide your identity.


For all your head covering needs.

Item Location Purpose Strategy Description
Space Helmet
EVA. Prevents damage in a place where there are no pressure (Read: A breached area). Protection from flashes and welding, not needed if you have a suit since you don't get cold enough. Not as cool looking as a RIG helmet.
Welding Helmet
Engineering, Primary Tool Storage. Protects you from eye damage whenever you're using Welding Tools. This can also protect you from flashes from handheld flashes and flashbangs. As well as the Screwdriver's blinding attack. You can flip it up out of your face to see better, but you won't be protected whilst doing so.


Items you wear on your feet. If you step in blood your shoes will get dirty, leaving noticeable bloody shoeprints.

Item Location Purpose Strategy Description
Lockers. Most roles start with one. Protecting your feet from glass, making you walk faster. Wear them. Don't take them off unless you're changing them for another pair. Come in many shapes and sizes, and are all functionally equivalent except for those listed below.
Janitor's Galoshes
The Custodial Closet. The Janitor starts with one. They prevent you from slipping on everything but Chemist lube. Other crew members will often seek these out to avoid falling victim to excessive mopping. Yellow boots that go up to your knees.
Magnetic Boots (Magboots)
Chief Engineers Office, EVA Preventing you from moving unintentionally in space. Make sure you toggle them on via their icon above the HUD for them to work. Prevents unintentional movement whilst EVA and slows you down greatly for careful, deliberate movement.
Wizard's Sandals
Wizard This is needed in order for Wizards to use their full potential. Wear this, as well as the Wizard Robes and Wizard Hat to complete the outfit. Unless you decide to use the No Clothes spell. A seemingly magical pair of sandals. Fitted for a wizardy individual.


For when you don't wanna leave fingerprints lying around, and to keep your hands warm.

Item Location Purpose Strategy Description
Black Gloves
Cargo bay, most of Security and some other places in the station. Completing a outfit. Also fire resistant. While these gloves are fire resistant, they're also good for leaving no prints, only fibers. A standard-issue pair of one-size-fits-all gloves. Prevents the wearer from contaminating evidence with their fingerprints. Also come in finger-less styles.
Forensics Gloves
The Detective's Closet Preventing evidence contamination. Leaves no fingerprints nor fibers. The Detective should always have these on. A special pair gloves that are for the Detective. Totally prevents the wearer from contaminating evidence with their fingerprints. Detectives are always required to wear this during investigations.
Krav Maga Gloves
The Warden's Locker Learning the art of Krav Maga Krav Maga can be used to deal with unruly prisoners without having to draw your baton. Whenever you want to learn Krav Maga or not, these gloves are High-Risk Items, so be sure to carry them anyway. These gloves bestow the wearer martial knowledge in the arts of Krav Maga through use of advanced cybernetics and nanochips embedded inside them. Issued to the warden, they allow the wearer to trip, lung punch, and throat punch enemy combatants.
Nitrile Gloves
Medbay. They prevent most diseases caused by viruses or bacteria, you need these for surgery! Also good for leaving no prints as well. Nitrile gloves are blue and thin. It seems to have more resistance than latex gloves.
Botanist's Gloves
Botanists start with these. Holding some special plant types. It may also provide fire resistance. Not much, but you can hold dangerous plant types and use them against other people. Like other gloves, they only leave fibers. A pair of useful gardener gloves that are suited for handling some plants.
Boxing Gloves
Near the Fitness Room Practicing and sharpening hand-to-hand combat. While they don't really have much practical use, they're good for boxing matches. Padded boxing gloves that are ready to rumble.
Captain Gloves
The Captain starts with one. More gloves are inside the Captain's Locker. Not a lot, but they do fit in with the Captain's jumpsuit and hat. Again, not a lot. They're only fire resistant. But since this is one-of-a-kind, it may be a bad idea to use these when murdering someone. A pair of one-of-a-kind gloves issued to Captains.
Insulated Gloves
Found in Engineering, Supply Crates, Technical Storage, and rarely in electric toolboxes. Protection from electrical shocks. It's good to have a pair on hand for when you're preforming electrical repairs, or more nefarious deeds such as hacking doors or vendors. Assistants will do almost anything to get their grubby hands on a pair. Out of all the gloves people wear this is one of the most important ones do to its insulation properties and rarity and if your planning on hacking doors then you need this.


For when you need extra storage, and your pockets just won't do.

Item Location Purpose Strategy Description
Dormitory lockers, all roles start with one. But it depends on your role and your backpack type. Storing unneeded items. You're going to want this. It's used for storing stuff. But keep in mind that a backpack cannot store everything, such as toolboxes and other backpacks. But can generally store everything else. You can hold 7 normal items. A standard storage device for all employees of Nanotrasen. This is for all your holding needs.
Bag of Holding
R&D Research, made in Protolathe. Holding heavier objects, as well as other backpacks! This item holds more bulkier items (For example, you can put a lockbox in a bag of holding, but not a simple backpack). WARNING: Science can't explain everything, under no circumstances (unless you want another singularity) should you do the following - NEVER EVER put a Bag of Holding inside a Bag of Holding!


Items you can wear on your belt slot for additional storage.

Item Location Purpose Strategy Description
Utility Belt
Engineering, Primary Tool Storage or in Maintenance, and due to updates found in engineer's hands instead of a toolbox. Utility belts can hold some kinds of tiny items, most commonly tools They are worn as a belt and hold the same amount as a toolbox, though they are less useful as weapons. Can hold: Crowbar, Screwdriver, Weldingtool, Wirecutters, Wrench, Multitool, Flashlight, Cable coil, Scanner, Analyzer.
Medical Belt
Medbay. Holding medical items. Like the Utility Belt, but for holding medical items only. Think of these as your medkit- but on a belt.
Can hold: Health Analyzer, DNA-Injector, Dropper, Beaker, Bottle, Pill, Syringe, Dispensed-beaker, Zippo lighter, Cigarette packet, Pill bottle, Medical box, Penlight.
Security Belt
Brig Holding Security Items. Like the Utility Belt, but for security items. For easy transportation and use of weapons during an emergency. See Security Items for a list of items that you can hold on your Security Belt.

Other Items

Item Location Purpose Strategy Description
Hand labeler
Primary Tool Storage, Cargo Bay, Medbay, Internal Affairs Office Sticking labels on things. Used to stick a label onto something's name. Click to and type in the label name. Pick up the label that's made. Click it to remove backing. Stick it to something. Useful for labeling things. Cannot be used on people.
Proximity Sensor
Primary Tool Storage, Cargo Bay, Vendomat, Toximate 3000 Mostly for Scientist stuff. Used for making bombs, grenades, or devices that activate when people get near them. A small sensor that beeps when it (or something next to it) moves. Is not set off by walking.
Custodial Closet Mostly for cleaning the floor. Used to clean the floor when wet. A small blue mop which used to clean the floor.
Space Cleaner
Custodial Closet, Chemical Research Lab, Medbay Mostly for cleaning the floor. Click a tile near you and a small water spray comes out. Unlike wet mops, this does not wet the floor. A small blue orange spray can with some space cleaner in it.
Custodial Closet, Hydroponics Used to make your mop wet. Left click with your mop. A bucket holds liquid only, most commonly water
Everywhere The box is a container that can hold seven items and be stored inside of a backpack. Same usage as a backpack. A generic box, holds several tiny items.
Internal Affairs Office By default it is filled with one pen and six sheets of paper. They are very sturdy and makes a decent weapon. Use it to store your reports! A bulky briefcase, can be used to store papers.
Secure Briefcase
Head of Staff's offices, Internal Affairs Office Storing materials and objects that need to be secure. Use it to store your sensitive and classified materials. It can set to lock with a 5 digit code, however it is not overly secure, as it can behacked
Everywhere. Most commonly in maintenance or EVA Storing equipment on them. Somehow... This can also be used as baricades sometimes. Similar to a table, they can be used to place equipment on. They are able to made with metal.
Station Bounced Radio
Station Bounced Radio.png
Found in Emergency Toolboxes. Communication. Click it, set the station, and turn on the microphone to talk. It will pick up any sounds from surrounding areas. The station bounced radio will function similarly to a standard earpiece radio. This is the only portable radio that will correctly function across in communication blackouts, or when the Telecoms Satellite is damaged.
Paper bins Writing words. You can also wear this as a hate. You write on it with a pen. As well, many different Roles
Remote Signaling Device
Science Signal things remotely, as well using it for remote hacking, bombs, and grenades. In addition, this can also 'defuse' various anomalies. A small object that allows you to send a signal to objects that you attach the device to.
Water Tank
Maintenance, Custodial Closet Used to fill something with water. Left click it. A blue, gigantic tank filled with 1000 units of water.
Fuel Tank
Maintenance, Engineering Used to fill something with fuel. Left click it. A red, gigantic tank filled with 1000 units of fuel.
Chapel Pray. Used by the Chaplain Use it to profess your religion or to store small items in it. It can also be used to heal people with the power of your religion, but can also cause brain damage. A bible.


Item Description
Wall radios are an immobile version of headset radios with the same number of frequencies and functions. The AI can use them to publicly broadcast a clandestine conversation or use it to discretely spy on the talk around the station themselves. When a crewman's headset is lost and a Station Bounced Radio is nowhere to be found, wall radios are essential to talking with the station at large. One is found in every room.
Destination Tagger
Destination Tagger.png
Used to tag parcels and changes where they go in the disposal mailing system.
Used to find the books you want. No one uses these.
One of the most scarcely used and yet the common Machine found upon Space Stations managed by the NanoTrasen Corporation. Newscasters when used properly can be very informative and entertaining, allowing crew to set up their own news channels to write articles and upload images. The Magistrate, Captain, Head of Security and IAA also have special permissions on the Newscaster system, allowing them to issue Wanted posters and censor news channels.


Item Description
Crates are a container for items. Especially large items, such as corpses, lockers, and certain robots or equipment cannot fit inside. Just because an item comes packed in a crate when the Quartermaster receives it doesn't mean it will go back inside once the crate is opened, either!

Crates are worth 5 supply points to a Quartermaster, which can be used to get more supplies for the station's whole benefit.

Just like the rest of the station, even crates have variable levels of access. The Quartermaster can't unlock anything that is locked by default, for various reasons. The primary one being it would be pointless to make since all crates go through the Quartermasters anyway. Security crates can be opened by security personnel and those with higher access, and et cetera. An emag can get into locked crates, however.

Also known as Wardrobes or Lockers, Closets are among the most common and arguably the most useful of containers on the station. Nearly anything can fit inside, barring other closets, crates, and certain especially large objects like racks and Mulebots. Coffins in the Chapel also count as lockers.

Besides being welded shut, some closets can be locked with the appropriate ID. Several levels of access exist, such as security, captain, and private-level access. These can be opened with the proper level identification card, emag item, or a few good laser blasts.

If you yourself are inside a locker you can see your surroundings. Normally you can move in any direction to exit the locker, but if the locker is locked or welded you will be unable to exit, and you cannot unweld or unlock your cell from inside. At that point if you try to move around you will instead throw yourself against the sides of the locker, making noise that can be heard by others.

Vending Machines


Food and Drink Machines

Robust Softdrinks
Cola machine.gif Found in: Hallways.
Used for: Contains drinks in case you are somehow thirsty!

10x Space Cola
10x Space Mountain Wind
10x Dr. Gibb
10x Star-kist
10x Space-Up
6x Thirteen Loko(When Hacked)

Getmore Chocolate Corp