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Standard issue hardware for the discerning security officer.

Object Location Purpose Description
Security Belt
Equipment Room Holds security equipment. A standard-issue security belt. Can hold up to five security items such as flashbangs, donuts, flashes, pepperspray, batons, handcuffs, seclites or zipties.
Assault Belt
Ordered from Cargo Holds weapons and ammunition. An assault belt that comes bundled with SWAT armor. While it can't hold security items like the security belt, it's capable of holding ammo and small firearms.
Security Projector
Equipment Room Cordons off areas. A security holo-projector often used by law enforcement and corporate security. Useful for cordoning off crime-scenes or dangerous areas.
Equipment Room Illuminates darkness. A standard-issue security torch that provides a high-degree of illumination in unlit areas. Can be mounted onto various laser weaponry.
Equipment Room Shouts at fleeing suspects. Simply shouts the phrase "Halt! Security!". Available only from a hacked security vendor.
Internal Affairs Office
Detective's Office
Provides eye protection. A simple pair of sunglasses, capable of safely shielding its wearer from flashes and the blinding light (but not sound) of a flashbang.
HUD Sunglasses
Equipment Room Provides eye protection and a HUD. An advanced pair of sunglasses with a built-in security HUD, capable of safely shielding its wearer from flashes and the blinding light (but not sound) of a flashbang. The classic version doesn't feature flash protection.
Bowman Headset
Equipment Room Provides ear protection. A bowman headset designed to protect the ears and provide patrolling officers with high-fidelity radio communications.
Black Gloves
Equipment Room Preventing contamination of evidence. A standard-issue pair of one-size-fits-all gloves. Prevents the wearer from contaminating evidence with their fingerprints.
Forensics Gloves
Detective's Office Preventing contamination of evidence. A special pair gloves for the Detective. Prevents the wearer from contaminating evidence with their fingerprints or fibres.
Krav Maga Gloves
Warden's Office Learning Krav Maga These gloves bestow the wearer martial knowledge in the arts of Krav Maga through use of advanced cybernetics and nanochips embedded inside them. Issued to the warden, they allow the wearer to trip, lung punch, and throat punch enemy combatants.
Firing Range Provides ear protection. Capable of blocking out any and all sound, earmuffs will protect against deafness and loud noises. Wearing them comes at the cost of not being able to hear anything.
Security Gas-Mask

Equipment Room Provides face protection and a hailer. Functionally equivalent to a regular gas-mask, but with the added ability of shouting a variety of phrases at fleeing suspects. A screwdriver can be used to manually change phrases.
Warden's Office Provides identification and authority. A multi-purpose holobadge that will accept the credentials from a valid ID. Can be shoved into people's faces.
Forensic Scanner
Forensic Scanner.png
Detective's Office Analyses crime scenes. A multipurpose forensics device capable of detecting fibers, fingerprints, reagents, and DNA from blood spatter. Using it in hand allows the operator to search for DNA/fingerprint matches.
Detective's Office Discreetly holsters weapons. Capable of being attached to a jumpsuit, the holster provides a discrete place to holster your weapon until needed. In Hotkey Mode the holster can be quickly accessed with the H key.
Evidence Bag
Evidence Bag.png
Detective's Office
Preventing contamination of evidence. Evidence bags are used to safely store evidence so it can be handled without contaminating forensic evidence.
Space Law
Security Provides reference for Space Law. This is an on-station copy of Ark Soft's Space Law.
Donut Box
Security Office Fuel for the hungry officer. A box of six donuts. The sprinkled ones provide minor healing to security officers.
Equipment Room
Restrains suspects. Handcuffs can be used to detain suspects, or attached to shoes to be used as ankle-cuffs to restrict movement.
Equipment Room Restrains suspects. Zipties can be used to detain suspects but unlike handcuffs they are single use.
Equipment Room Subdues unwilling targets. A small 50u canister of capsaicin. Capsaicin is an irritant capable of blinding and stunning targets who aren't wearing protective eye-wear.
Equipment Room Blinds targets and borgs. A flash can be used to disorient all targets without proper eye protection in range. Useful for crowd control, or detainees.
Energy Bola
Equipment Room Hinders suspect movement. Energy Bolas can be thrown at a fleeing or non-moving target in order to make their escape more difficult by hindering their movement.
Equipment Room
Blinds and deafens targets. A standard-issue flashbang capable of incapacitating a large number of targets in an area. Both ear and eye protection are required when using a flashbang.
Tear Gas Grenade
Armory Stuns and blinds targets. A grenade designed specifically for use as a riot countermeasure/crowd dispersal device. When it detonates it sends out a large plume of capsaicin into the area.
Gamma Armory Stuns and blinds targets. A clusterbang capable of incapacitating a large number of targets in an extremely large area. Due to the number of detonations in a clusterbang, misuse can lead to deafness.


Various equipment useful for performing a variety of tasks within the security occupation.

Object Location Purpose Description
Labor Camp
Performs automated arrests. A security-designated Securitron that scans nearby users to check their arrest status. Upon finding a valid arrest status, Securitrons will proceed to make an arrest.
Equipment Room Dispenses security items. A standard-issue security vending machine. It is capable of dispensing items such as handcuffs, zipties, flashbangs, flashes, donuts, evidence bag boxes, seclites, and energy bolas.
Armory Provides added mobility. An all-purpose Secway. The secway can't pass people and is slower than running speed, which makes it less useful in crowds and during chases. It can move through wet environment
Portable Flasher
Armory Provides constant area-of-denial flashes. A portable flasher that can be wrenched in location to secure an area. Anyone passing by the portable flasher who lacks suitable eye-protection will be flashed and stunned. There is an interval of 10 seconds between flashes.
Deployable Barrier
Deployable barrier.png
Armory Secures/barricades an area. A deployable barrier that can be used to block doors and hallways. When a valid security ID is used on the barrier, it will bolt/unbolt itself from the floor.
Space Pod
Pod Mil.png
Security Pod Bay Provides patrols for EVA. A security pilot outfitted with disablers and a GPS tracking unit. The components and weapon systems can be changed out with a crowbar.
Weapon Systems
Security Pod Bay Armaments for the security pod. Each module has a relatively slow rate of fire, firing two laser beams from the front of the pod per shot. The damage output per beam is the same as a conventional energy gun.
Pod Buster
Armory A professional lock-buster. A pod-lock buster designed to drill into the locked mechanism of a locked space pod. It must be activated prior to attempting to break a pod's lock.
Equipment Room
Firing Range
Recharges energy weapons. A conventional desk or wall-mounted charging station capable of recharging energy based devices such as stun batons and laser guns. They can be unsecured and moved via the use of a wrench.
Training Bomb
Firing Range Bomb defusal practice. An inert training bomb used for defusal practice by security officers. It keeps track of the user's score and awards points for every successful defusal.
Security Blinding detainees. A simple blindfold made out of thick velvet. The wearer will be blinded and unable to see their surroundings.
Security Preventing self-inflicted harm. A standard issue straight-jacket capable of effectively binding detainees suffering from psychotic breaks. The wearer is unable to use their arms so long as the jacket is on them.
Lethal Injection
Security Facilitates executions. A lethal-injection syringe filled with sodium theopental. A single injection is enough to guarantee the expiration of a sentenced inmate.
Electric Chair
Security Facilitates executions. A high-voltage electropack rigged to a chair. While rudimentary in nature, the chair can be remotely or manually activated to send a fatal shock to its occupant.
Tracking Implant
Armory Tracks the location of prisoners. A standard-issue tracking implant which allows security officers to keep tabs on dangerous prisoners. Tracking implants show up on security HUDs, and also function as a teleport beacon for the Teleporter.
Chemical Implant
Armory Subdues implanted prisoners. A chemical implant that can be loaded with a variety of debilitating substances. It can be remotely activated, which makes it a valuable tool in recapturing escapees.
Mindshield Implant
Head of Security's Office
Protects the mind from hostile subversion. An implant specifically designed to harden the mind against attempts at hostile subversion. Has no effect against mind-swapping or if implanted after someone has already been brainwashed.


The tools of the trade, from melee weapons to rifles.

Object Damage Type Damage Location Description
Stun Baton
Stun/Brute 7 Secs/10 Brute Equipment Room A standard-issue stunbaton capable of readily subduing targets within melee range.
Telescopic Baton
Stun/Brute 2-3 Secs/10 Brute Head of Security
A baton issued to detectives and Command. It needs to be extended before it can be utilized.
Combat Knife
Brute 20 Ordered from Cargo
Gamma Armory
A razor sharp steel combat knife that comes packaged with the SWAT crate. It can be used either as a melee instrument, or as a throwing weapon.
Hybrid Taser
Stun/Stamina 5 Secs/36 Stamina Equipment Room A hybrid taser capable of alternating between a short-ranged taser shot, and long-ranged disabler fire.
Energy Gun
Energy Gun.png
Stamina/Burn 36 Stamina/20 Burn Secure Armory An energy gun capable of toggling between lethal and disabler fire.
Laser Gun
Burn 20 Secure Armory An energy gun with the only firing setting you need in an emergency - kill.
Practice Laser Gun
N/A N/A Firing Range A practice variant of the traditional laser gun. Fires harmless beams of light.
Ion Rifle
Ion Rifle.png
EMP 20 Component Secure Armory A specialized rifle that fires ion bolts which are capable of disrupting and interfering with electronic devices. Damage is applied across all parts/components.
Riot Shotgun
Brute Variable Secure Armory A pump-action riot-grade shotgun capable of chambering seven rounds. Can be loaded with various types of ammunition, but is loaded with rubbershot by default. Sawing it off reduces the ammo capacity by four and allows it to fit into bags.
Combat Shotgun
Combat Shotgun.png
Brute Variable Ordered from Cargo A combat-grade shotgun capable of chambering seven rounds. Can be loaded with various types of ammunition but is loaded with buckshot shells by default. Unlike the Riot Shotgun, it does not require manual pumping between shots.
WT-550 Auto Rifle
Brute Variable Ordered from Cargo An outdated personal defense weapon which feeds from 20-round 4.6x20mm toploader magazines. Can only fire in semi-automatic and has a relatively poor rate of fire for a rifle. Comes loaded with standard 4.6x20mm rounds by default.
Advanced Energy Gun
Advanced energy gun.png
Stun/Stamina/Burn 7 Secs/36 Stamina/20 Burn Gamma Armory
A self-recharging laser weapon powered by a miniaturized uranium reactor. The firing mode can be toggled between electrodes, disablers, and lethals.
Weaken + Burn 5 Secs + 60 Burn Gamma Armory A high-powered laser carbine equipped with a tactical scope. While the cooling array takes a long time to recharge between shots, it provides exceptional stopping power.
Rocket Launcher
Stun + Brute 18 Secs + 25 Brute Gamma Armory A top-loaded rocket launcher. Despite firing explosive shells, the rocket launcher is largely an anti-personnel weapon. The effects of the impact are reduced the farther the target is from the epicentre.
.38 Revolver
Stun + Brute 3 Secs + 5 Brute Detective's Office A .38 revolver issued to the detective that comes loaded with rubber bullets. Each bullet is capable of briefly stunning targets upon impact.


Ammunition that is either readily available, or can be produced for use in security weapons.

Object Damage Type Damage Location Description
Shotgun - Beanbag
Shotgun shell green.png
Stamina + Brute 80 Stamina + 5 Brute Secure Armory
A shotgun shell fitted with a beanbag. Ideal for non-lethally subduing targets.
Shotgun - Rubbershot

Shotgun shell purple.png
Brute + Stun 5 Brute + 2 Secs Secure Armory
A shotgun shell packed with rubbershot. Ideal for disarming and non-lethally subduing targets. This ammunition is loaded into the Riot Shotgun by default.
Shotgun - Tranquilizer
Shotgun shell blue.png
Chemical N/A Secure Armory A shotgun shell loaded with a haloperidol dart. Though slow-acting, it's ideal for non-lethally subduing targets who use stimulants.
Shotgun - Stun Slug
Shotgun shell yellow.png
Stun 7 Secs Protolathe A non-penetrating shotgun slug that discharges an electrode. Ideal for non-lethally subduing targets.
Shotgun - Slugs
Shotgun shell white.png
Brute 60 Autolathe A highly penetrating shotgun slug. Ideal for greater accuracy and taking down single, highly-armoured targets.
Shotgun - Buckshot
Shotgun shell red.png
Brute 12 (6) Secure Armory
A shotgun shell that spreads into six individual pellets when fired. Ideal for large groups, or where accuracy is an afterthought. Each pellet does 12 brute damage with damage falloff at longer distances.
Shotgun - Incendiary Slug
Shotgun shell orange.png
Brute + Fire 30 + Fire Autolathe A highly penetrating shotgun slug packed with white phosphorous. Ideal for greater accuracy and taking down single, highly-armoured targets.
Shotgun - Tech Dart
Shotgun shell purple.png
Chemical N/A Protolathe An empty shotgun shell with a small ampoule capable of storing up to 15u of any reagent. The reagent will be injected into the target on impact.
Shotgun - Pulse Slug
Shotgun shell tech.png
Burn 40 Protolathe A non-penetrating shotgun slug that discharges plasma on impact. Ideal for targets wearing bullet-resistant armour. Pulse Slugs are also capable of destroying walls on impact.
Shotgun - Ion Slug
Shotgun shell ion.png
EMP 20 Component Crafting A non-penetrating shotgun slug that creates ionic interference on impact. Useful for synthetic targets or to disrupt electrical equipment. Damage is applied across all parts/components.
WT-550 - Standard Magazine
Brute 20 Ordered from Cargo
The standard 4.6x20mm 20-round magazine for the WT-550 Auto Rifle.
WT-550 - Armor Piercing

Brute 17 Protolathe A non-standard 4.6x20mm 20-round magazine for the WT-550 Auto Rifle. While it has less stopping power, it penetrates both bone and armour more readily.
WT-550 - Toxin Tipped
Toxins 15 Protolathe A non-standard 4.6x20mm 20-round magazine for the WT-550 Auto Rifle. Ideal for highly armoured targets who may not be susceptible to conventional gunfire.
WT-550 - Incendiary
Brute + Fire 20 + Fire Protolathe A non-standard 4.6x20mm 20-round magazine for the WT-550 Auto Rifle. The rounds are packed with white-phosphorous and will ignite a target upon impact.
.38 Revolver - Rubber Shot
Speed loader .38.png
Stun + Brute 3 Secs + 5 Brute Autolathe A six round speedloader for the .38 Revolver. The rounds are rubber, and the speedloader is recyclable.
.38 Revolver - .357 Rounds
Ammo 357.png
Brute 60 Autolathe A six round speedloader containing .357 rounds. While capable of being fired out of the .38 revolver, the difference in cartridge size can cause backfiring.
Rocket Launcher - Rocket
Stun + Brute 18 Secs + 25 Brute Gamma Armory A single rocket for the Gamma Armoury's rocket launcher. Rockets must be manually reloaded into the rocket launcher after firing.


Protective equipment for security personnel. Note that "limbs" does not include the hands or feet.

Object Coverage Brute Bullet Laser Energy Bomb Bio Rad Location Description
Security Hats
Head 40 30 30 10 25 0 0 Equipment Room Various headwear worn by security personnel.
Head 35 30 30 10 25 0 0 Equipment Room A standard issue security helmet designed to mitigate the forces of brute impacts against the wearer's head.
Riot Helmet
Head 50 10 10 10 0 0 0 Secure Armory A reinforced riot helmet with improved padding to lessen the effects of blows. Unlike the standard helmet, the riot helmet protects against facehuggers.
Bulletproof Helmet
Head 15 60 10 10 40 0 0 Secure Armory A reinforced helmet fitted with ceramic plating. Provides ample protection against kinetic weaponry, but unlike the Riot Helmet it does not protect against facehuggers.
SWAT Helmet
S helmet.png
Head 40 30 30 30 50 90 20 Ordered from Cargo A specialized helmet that comes paired with the SWAT gear. Together with the armour, it allows the user to perform EVA for extended periods of time.
Security Uniforms
Body + Limbs 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 Security Various uniforms worn by security personnel. Security uniforms are interwoven with nanofibres, providing minor protection against blunt-force trauma.
Body Armor
Upper Body 30 30 30 10 25 0 0 Equipment Room A standard issue suit of body armor. It is designed expressly to provide minimalist, yet valuable, protection to security officers.
Security Jackets
Body + Arms 15 10 15 5 15 0 0 Loadout Menu
Security Pod Bay
A stylish security jacket. While lacking the formidable protection of its body armour counterpart, it provides greater coverage in exchange of protection against explosions.
Detective's Armor
Upper Body 30 30 30 10 25 0 0 Detective's Office A standard issue suit of body armor issued to the detective. It's on par with regular security body armor and simply has a different appearance.
Detective's Coat
Body + Arms 25 10 25 10 0 0 0 Detective's Office An appropriately noir coat for the discerning detective. While lacking the formidable protection of its body armour counterpart, it provides greater coverage.
Riot Suit
Body + Limbs 50 10 10 10 0 0 0 Secure Armory A heavily reinforced suit of riot grade armour designed to offer maximum protection against melee combatants. The bulk of this suit will slow the wearer down.
Ablative Armor
Upper Body 10 10 60 50 0 0 0 Secure Armory A specialized suit of experimental armour designed to lessen the impact of, and in certain cases reflect, energy based projectiles.
Bulletproof Vest
Upper Body 15 80 10 10 40 0 0 Secure Armory A suit of reinforced bulletproof armour designed to protect coverage to vital organs. While not as robust against brute attacks, it provides ample protection against kinetic projectiles.
SWAT Armor
Body + Limbs 40 30 30 30 50 90 20 Ordered from Cargo A set of advanced tactical armour. Heavily reinforced, it provides full protection for the body and is capable of extended periods of EVA.
Warden's Jacket
Body + Limbs 25 15 25 10 25 0 0 Warden's Office A specialized jacket provided to the warden. Provides decent all-around protection, but lacks the heavy reinforcement of the HoS' trenchcoat.
HoS's Armored Trenchcoat
Body + Limbs 30 30 30 5 25 0 0 Head of Security's Office A specialized trenchcoat with extra padding, reinforced seams, and body armour sewn into the fabric. It has the highest armour values out of any standard set of armor on-station.
Security Hardsuit
Full Body 35 15 30 10 10 100 50 Secure Armory
Security Pod Bay
A specialized security hardsuit that provides ample resistance against the void of space and other pressure-related environmental hazards.
Security Biosuit
Full Body 25 15 25 10 25 100 20 Armory A specialized security biosuit that provides protection against biological environmental hazards.
Security Bomb Suit
Full Body 20 0 20 10 100 0 0 Armory A heavily reinforced bomb-suit designed to withstand large explosions. Prevents the wearer from being gibbed by explosions.
Riot Shield
Block (50%) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Secure Armory A standard-issue riot shield capable of deflecting melee attacks and the occasional xenomorph. Wielding it grants a chance to deflect projectiles as well.
Telescopic Riot Shield
Block (50%) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Head of Security's Office
A compact and easily transported riot shield capable of deflecting melee attacks and the occasional xenomorph. Wielding it grants a chance to deflect projectiles as well.