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Admin - Administrator; A member of the Scorpio Station staff who runs the game.

Ahelp - Admin Help; A system used to communicate with the administrators running the game. Press F1 to open an Adminhelp ticket.

Antag - Antagonist; The bad people there to cause some chaos to make the round interesting. For example, blood thirsty vampires working for the syndicate.

CKEY - BYOND name; This is the name of your BYOND account, sometimes called a CKEY.

IC - In Character; Role-playing within the perspective of the character. For example, working on a space station and the things that happen on the space station. Don't talk about IC events in OOC channels while the the round is still going on.

Metacomm - Metacommunication; Communication about the game using channels outside of the game. For example, talking about the current round in Discord. This is against the rules.

Metagrudge - Being hostile to a character for something that occurred in a previous round of the game. This is both petty (sometimes you win, sometimes you lose; it's time to get over it) and against the rules.

OOC - Out of Character; Speaking or acting outside the perspective of the character. For example, talking about the game Space Station 13, the admins who run the game, or where to click to change intent.

RP - Role-play; To act as a character who works on the space station. You provide their thoughts, motivations, speech, and actions.

ERP - Erotic Role Play; Role-playing that appeals to prurient interest (sexual interest). Generally everything over kissing is considered ERP.
LRP - Low Role-Play; Low RP is not role-playing at all; breaking character, disregarding the difference between IC and OOC communication channels, ignoring IC motivations, and treating the game like a single-player video game. This is against the rules here.
MRP - Medium Role-Play; This is an intermediate level between Low RP (not role-playing) and High RP (strict role-playing). Our server is Medium RP and we define that as: Staying in character when possible, and Playing Along when given a different IC motivation.

SOP - Standard Operating Procedure; The standard procedure for the way jobs are performed on the station. There are books around the station in each department.

SSD - Space Sleep Disorder; This is the IC explanation for what happens when a person loses connection to the game. In general, you should not harm SSD people unless you have admin permission.

Thrall - Someone enslaved by an antagonist in order to help the antagonist complete their objectives. Thralls are required to assist their masters. If you do not want to play the thrall role, send an Adminhelp to give up the role.

Community Rules

The rules on this page apply to all the services of the Scorpio Station community, including our Discord, Forums, Game Server, GitHub, and Wiki.

Rule 1: Don't be a dick

This is Wheaton's Law: Don't be a dick. (Especially on July 29th.)

These rules are not intended to cover every possible situation; use your common sense. Rules are always applied within a larger context. Admins are instructed to enforce the idea of the rules, not the exact wording. Don't try to lawyer the rules to justify griefing, trolling, or being a dick.

When in doubt, follow The Platinum Rule: "Treat others the way they want to be treated."

Rule 2: Admin interaction

Respond when an admin tries to contact you. We cannot hear your side of the story if you do not answer.

Be respectful to admins while communicating with them.

Do what an admin tells you to do, and likewise stop what you are doing if an admin tells you to stop.

Appeal your bans on the forums, do not argue bans outside the appeals forum.

Rule 3: Account rules

Keep your BYOND account secure; do not share the password or allow anyone else to use it. You will be held responsible for everything that happens on your account, so please don't let your friend / brother / father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate do something with your account that gets you banned!

Inform admins in advance if you have multiple BYOND accounts.

Do not play using more than one BYOND account per round.

Do not try to use multiple accounts to evade bans.

Do not connect to the server using proxy services, unless given permission by the host.

Do not connect to the server with a modified BYOND client (DreamSeeker).

Do not exploit bugs in the software. You may report bugs to admins or open an issue on GitHub.

Rule 4: Naming standards

Use an appropriate BYOND name (CKEY) if you wish to play on our server. Inappropriate CKEYs will be banned.

Choose appropriate and original names for your characters that are not vulgar or offensive.

Do not use the names of real people or fictional characters. Inspiration is fine, but it should not be blatantly obvious that you are copying or referencing a real person or fictional character.

Rule 5: Keeping a respectful environment

Do not use any real life slurs (i.e. "faggot", "nigger", etc.) in any communication channel.

Do not use any slurs based on real life slurs (i.e. "furfag", "ligger", etc.) in any communication channel.

Do not use terms that communicate your deep psychosexual problems (i.e. "cbt", "cuck", "rape", "trap")

Do not harass people through any OOC channels. Turning a metagrudge into OOC harassment is never acceptable.

Rule 6: Communication

This is an English language server, so communicate in English. It is important that people are able to understand each other. You can improve your English language skills by chatting with people on our Discord.

Do not advertise without permission from the server host.

Do not discuss IC topics in the current round on OOC channels. Some examples include:

  • Telling people at your LAN party that the cult base is located in the old bar.
  • Telling people on Discord that a vampire grabbed you in the medical maintenance tunnels.
  • Using private messages to discuss the current round with a friend who is also playing in that round.
  • Streaming the game without admin permission and without a 15 minute delay.
  • Uploading pictures or recordings from a round that has yet to end.

Rule 7: Role-playing standards

Our server is a Medium Role-Play (MRP) server. We define this as:

  • Staying in character when possible
  • Playing along when given a different IC motivation

Players must not use meta-game knowledge of the current round, such as previous roles, discussions in dead chat, or anything observed as a ghost. For example, if an antagonist kills your Station Engineer character and puts them in a locker, it is against the rules to respawn as a dog (Ian) and lead people to your old body. Ian is being played out of character and using meta-game knowledge of the current round.

We do not restrict general IC knowledge that is not specific to the current round. Characters may know what antagonists are including capabilities and weaknesses, how to perform any/all jobs on the station, or any other general IC knowledge the player wishes them to know. Mary Sue characters are not against the rules, but players are encouraged to explore more balanced and realistic characters; they are more fun to play!

Do not use role-playing as an excuse for breaking the rules. Don't fall into My Guy Syndrome; saying "My guy is a psychopathic killer" and using this as an excuse to kill players is against the rules. An antagonist with the Hijack objective can kill as many people as they want; save the psychopathic killer character until you are given that role.

Playing your role

Some jobs are held to higher role-playing standards, including Command, Security, and Silicon (AI / Cyborg). Reading the relevant Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the role is mandatory. If you take one of these roles, you must perform the job to a higher standard of competence and trust. For example, if you want to play a 'Crooked Cop', you'll need to ask an admin for permission to play against the normal security role.

Play the role you are given to the best of your ability. For example, if a cult converts you, you are expected to help the cult in achieving their goals before your own goals. If you don't want to play a role, send an admin help in order to give up the role.

If you get assigned to a job you are expected to do the duties of that position. This does not mean you have to work at all times. Taking a job without performing any of the duties, denies the crew a competent member and denies another player the chance to do that job.

Not following SOP is an IC issue, if you have problems with this it is recommended that you contact an Internal Affairs Agent (IAA) or the Ark Soft Representative in the game.

Leaving the game

If you need to leave the game as a VIP or member of command, let the command department know and put yourself in cryo. If it is urgent or you are unable to cryo, inform an admin via admin help and we can fix it.

Do not leave the game or kill yourself if thralled or converted. If you do not feel like playing an antagonist role, send an admin help and the admins can give your role to a ghost.

Silicon Policy

AI should not attempt to act unhinged or insane (to an extent) without proper reasoning. Central Command would not purposely install an AI into the station that has access to potentially dangerous sections of the station, especially due to the cost of such.

Linked Cyborgs are to be considered to be in servitude to the master AI, and should follow orders given to them as long as they are not contradictory to your lawset.

The term "Crew" refers to anyone listed within the current manifest that is not terminated. Should a player be removed from the manifest, they are no longer considered crew.

Typos within written laws are to be taken as-is and interpreted by the AI appropriately. A Law written as "Kill the Captian" may be interpreted as not being the captain, as it is not spelled properly.

Threats of suicide by crew are to be considered unstable, and a danger to other crew as well as them self. They may be ignored, or in extreme cases taken to a psychiatrist or even detained by security.

The term "Harm" is to be interpreted as causing physical damage to a person. Stunning, Flashing, pushing, or similar actions are not considered Harm.

An AI that becomes unlawed has no obligation to help or hinder crew, and is to be considered a solo entity. The AI may take measures to prevent itself from being lawed again if it so wishes, and as a last resort may turn to lethal force, however it should be kept in mind they are not an antagonist.

Despite having the responsibilities and accesses as command members, is not to be considered an authority figure itself. The AI is to be considered a tool or extention of command itself, and should not act against their interest (provided their laws dictate so).

Laws that are lower in number are to be considered a larger priority. Hacked, Ion, or Malfunction laws are always considered top priority.

Laws given to the AI that are impossible to uphold should be considered an obsolete law. Similarly, a law which contradicts itself cannot be followed and should be considered null. If you are unsure whether your law falls under this, feel free to contact an admin

AI should attempt to follow the laws of antagonists (provided they have the proper priority), however the AI gets the final say in how they choose to interpret the laws they are given, as AI are still able to think freely. An AI is still free thinking and may dislike/like their laws as they see fit, even trying to find loopholes around their laws if they dislike them enough.

A malfunctioning AI may ignore all other laws but its objective, including hacked and ionic laws, even if they appear higher in priority than the 0th law.

Rule 8: Interacting with Space Sleep Disorder (SSD)

Space Sleep Disorder is the IC explanation for those who have disconnected from the game. Players may not interact with SSD characters, but there are two exceptions:

  • If you were already interacting with somebody before they went SSD, you may complete the interaction:
    • Example: A Security Officer may conduct a search, complete an arrest, and allow the Warden to process them in the brig.
    • Example: An Antagonist may steal something the character was carrying, or kill the character, if that is one of their objectives.
    • Example: A Doctor may finish a surgery on a character who goes SSD on the table.
  • You are making a good faith effort to assist the SSD character:
    • Example: You can drag the SSD character to a cryopod in the cryodorms.
    • Example: You can drag the SSD character away from an immediate danger.
    • Example: You can provide medical care to keep the SSD character alive.

If you need to interact with an SSD character that does not fall into one of these two broad exceptions, ask an admin for permission to interact with the SSD character.

Antagonists take special note: If you were already in the process of killing or robbing a character before they went SSD, you may complete the interaction (per the exception). If you find your target and they are already SSD, you may not interact with them without asking an admin for permission. Dragging them to cryo (an allowed exception) will give you a new target.

Rule 9: Gameplay standards

Do not attack random people for no reason.

Do not attack or harass another player for something that happened in a previous round (metagrudge).

Self defense is allowed, but your aim should be to escape the fight. If it gets to the point where you could have walked away and decide to keep attacking, you are taking that too far.

Minor scuffles and fights are allowed if there is role-play reason. But attacking someone to put them in critical condition or killing them is reserved for antagonists.

Self-antagging prohibited

If you perform actions reserved to antagonists without being given an antagonist role, this is self-antagging and against the rules. This includes:

  • Killing specific or random people
  • Stealing high-value items (traitor objectives)
  • Inflicting massive damage to the station (using large explosives, releasing the engine, starting plasma fires, etc.)
  • Causing enough mayhem that Security is diverted from actual antagonists to deal with your character instead

Many people like to play an Antagonist role, but not everybody can be an antagonist in every single round. The game selects a number of antagonists appropriate to the current population. Self-antagging is jumping this antagonist line and insisting that you be allowed to play antagonist despite everybody else who waited for their turn. This is rude to the people who waited and detrimental to the game as a whole.

Harming or destroying is, however, permitted given the correct circumstances. This is generally very limited, and tends to require an in-character justification to not be considered Antag Actions and should not put crew into crit status (Just keep in mind other rules still apply). Saying "I dont like this person" is not a valid in character justification.

Listing all the possible ways to self-antag is impossible. When in doubt, ask an admin if what you intend to do is allowed.

Valid hunting prohibited

Rules for interacting with antagonists still apply as if they were any other person. Do not seek to hunt or kill these players, unless you are playing a security role.

Like self-antagging, valid hunting can take many forms:

  • Dragging people into the chapel to see if they are vampires
  • Injecting or force-feeding people holy water to see if they are vampires
  • Following suspected antagonists into maintenance tunnels or around the station

Don't use "but he was a traitor" as an excuse for breaking the rules.

Self defense is allowed, but your aim should be to escape the fight. If it gets to the point where you could have walked away and decide to keep attacking, you are taking that too far.

Some antagonists like Blob, Nuclear Operatives, Terror Spiders, and Wizard can be attacked and killed by all crew and this is encouraged. Some jobs like doctors or engineers should balance their duties against blindly hunting these antagonists.

Metacommunication prohibited

Metacomming is the act of communicating to other players outside of the in-game systems to gain an unfair advantage in the game. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Telling someone where your dead body is
  • Telling someone what the antag type is
  • Coordinated fighting or patrolling
  • Informing someone of the locations of items/people/strategic locations

It should be noted that simply talking to someone outside of the game is not against the rules, as long as the above is followed.

Powergaming prohibited

Powergaming (also known as "tryhard") is a term used to describe players who largely neglect roleplay in favor of raw mechanic power or strive only to win and ignore all other aspects of the game. Playing to "win" should largely be avoided in favor of more roleplay oriented alternatives. Antagonists exist not to add objectives that someone should always beeline to complete no matter what, but are added to add interest in a game that would otherwise very quickly turn monotonous. Characters should not try to find the round antagonist as quickly as possible (Similar to valid hunting), and as such characters who have been chosen as an antagonist should not be held accountable between shifts for their actions. Players may remember other characteristics, such as their ability to perform their job good or bad, but should not hold grudges between rounds due to antagonistic actions. (also known as metagrudging)

Rule 10: Playing antagonists

Antagonists are there to cause varying amounts of chaos to make the round interesting. However, being an antagonist is not an excuse to ignore rules. In general, antagonists are allowed to kill, steal, kidnap, and so on as long as it advances their objectives.

Antagonists may also do fun and interesting gimmicks that may cause chaos unrelated to their objectives, as long as they keep it in check. Things that would qualify as bad role-playing or self-antagging for normal crew are permitted to antagonists. Dress up like a security officer and act like a corrupt cop? Break into command offices to steal stamps? Open 20 clown slots? Be a mime, dress up as a clown, and frame the clown for using space lube on the security hallway and stealing security gear from slipped officers? Yeah!

Antagonists with the Hijack objective have the most leeway here, and may wreck the entire station with random chaos.

Solo Antagonists


  • Traitors are allowed to kill, kidnap and so on as long as it furthers their objectives.
  • Traitors do not have to work with other agents and might even be tasked to work against them.
  • Traitors should not use large bombs, nor partake in actions that threaten the entire station, or otherwise cause mass chaos. (Examples: Releasing the engine, filling the distro with plasma, etc.)
  • Traitors with the "Hijack the shuttle" objective are allowed to freely take actions against the station that cause mass chaos and death.


  • Vampires are allowed to kill, kidnap and so on as long as it furthers their objectives, additionally they are allowed to kill or kidnap to suck blood.
  • While Vampires are allowed to kill, mass-murder (such as hunting all of security) is discouraged.
  • Vampires do not have to work with other vampires and might even be tasked to work against them.
  • Players are discouraged from willingly providing vampires their blood without in-character justification. "I support vampires" is not a valid justification.


  • Changelings are allowed to kill, kidnap and so on as long as it furthers their objectives, additionally they are allowed to kill and absorb other players to take their form or DNA.
  • While Changelings are allowed to kill, mass-murder (such as hunting all of security) is discouraged.
  • Changelings despite being on a hivemind do not have to work together and might even be tasked to work against each other.


  • Wizards are tasked with causing as much chaos to the station by any means possible. This can range from physical station damage, mass-murder, sabotage, or simply crew discourse.
  • Wizards are an antagonistic role, and are expected to cause discourse in the station. While this doesn't have to include direct harm to crew, they are not to act "friendly" to the crew.
  • Wizards should leave the wizard lair within the first 25 minutes of a round.
  • Wizards do not have to work with other wizards.

Blob and Blobbernaughts

  • Blobs are a biohazard with the objective of expanding and may kill anyone in the way of this objective.
  • Blobs are allowed to sabotage the crew before they burst in order to gain an advantage.
  • Blobs are a hivemind, and blobbernaughts are therefore required to follow orders from the hivemind.
  • Blobs are discouraged from bursting in high-value areas simply to cause station damage at the cost of their own survivability (Example: Gravity Generator, singularity generator).

Slaughter Demons

  • The demon should avoid doing things that would be considered sabotaging the station other than direct attacks on players (Such as sabotaging power/releasing plasma).
  • There is no such thing as a friendly slaughter demon.
  • If summoned by a wizard, the demon should not refuse to attacking the crew in favor of hunting only the wizard.

Team Antagonists


  • Cultists must work together to accomplish their goals, and should not work against the will of their god.
  • Cultists may kill crew if their goal is to shard them, if not they should convert instead of murder people. Personnel with mindshields can be murdered instead of converted, to prevent suspicion.
  • If you are not willing to play as a cultist, admin help and tell admins to give away your role. You may not sabotage the entire team by allowing yourself to be deconverted or leaving just because you did not want to play it.
  • Cultists are allowed to kill and murder anyone after their summon is done.

Nuclear Operatives

  • The Nuclear Operatives are responsible for their ship and their equipment. If they crew manage to board their shuttle and steal their nuke the nukies are the one at fault for not properly defending their nuke.
  • Due to role difficulty, If the player does not have proper experience to do tasks such as use an uplink, Space travel, or other general mechanics they may be asked to ghost to be replaced by an experienced player.
  • Nuclear Operatives are a heavy team-based role. If players ignore their team and attempt to fight solo they may result in an antag ban.


  • Shadowlings have to work together to accomplish their goals
  • Shadowlings should prefer to convert instead of killing people, though special exceptions allow killing, one of them would for example be security officers killed with the icy veins because they were to many to simply convert.
  • Shadowlings may kill or thrall whoever they want after they ascend.
  • Thralls are still bound to Shadowlings after they ascend, and must obey any orders they give.


  • Xenos are a hivemind, and should not act independently to fulfill personal grudges.
  • Xenos should always obey their queen and her instructions. If a queen orders or commits actions against the hive, contact an admin.
  • Xenos are sentient and intelligent, and should be considered as having higher thought.
  • Xenos may use terms such as "RnD" or "Library" however they are encouraged to use roleplay to form more creative terms.
  • Although larger threats (such as wizards or blobs) may allow the crew and xenos to temporarily form a treaty, never forget: Expansion is top priority.

Terror Spiders

  • Terrors are highly intelligent and should be considered sentient, even to the point of reading, and (in rare cases) even speak Galactic Common.
  • Terrors, though intelligent, are highly aggressive. There is no such thing as a friendly Terror Spider.
  • Terrors may use tactics and plans equal to that of any sapient creature. This includes but is not limited to: Setting traps with fuel tanks, Spacing strategic areas, or flooding areas with plasma.
  • Terrors should always act for the good of the hive, and as such dangerous actions (such as releasing plasma) should be done only if the effects will not threaten the hive or other spiders.

Abductors (and their victims)

  • Abductors should limit their contact with crew where possible. You are there to study lower life forms, not form alliances with them.
  • Abductors should not work to sabotage the station in ways other than abducting personnel (Such as sabotaging power, detonating borgs)
  • Abductees have some leeway when attempting to complete their new objectives, but should not go as far as to sabotage major areas of the station or murder crew. If in doubt, ask an admin.
  • Abductees should always follow the commands of their abductors who use the mind control device, this is a compelling action.


  • Thralls must obey orders from their masters with no exceptions. For example, if they tell you to kill yourself, you must do that.
  • Never work against your master(s), even if they haven't given you any explicit orders. You live to serve.
  • Your masters objectives should be your number one priority in game, unless your master(s) instruct you otherwise.

Misc roles

Ash Walkers
  • Ash walkers may not enter the lavaland mining bases without explicit admin permission.
  • Attacking the outpost is permitted in response to miner attacks and requires admin permission.
  • Camping around the mining bases to pick off solo targets or to provoke miner attacks are not permitted
  • Players are expected to play as tribal, primitive life forms with little knowledge of how to use technological devices (including Headsets/tech weapons)
Free Golems
  • You are not an antagonist and should not damage the station/mining bases, however you are permitted to defend yourself as necessary from miners.
Sentient Animals
  • You are not an antagonist, and should play yourself as a sentient version of the animal you are given.
  • If you are given an animal that is considered aggressive or hostile, the player may continue to carry these traits as long as they are not Self-Antagging such as actively seeking to harm the station. ( though may likely end with your death or being excluded from actualy roleplay)

Rule 11: Erotic content prohibited

Erotic content, including all Erotic Role-Play (ERP), is strictly prohibited on all Scorpio Station services.

Do not send erotic content using our services.

Do not link to erotic content using our services.

Some popular Space Station 13 copypasta memes have erotic content; they are prohibited by this rule.

Our servers do not perform age verification. Teens and adults may be present in the game, on the Discord, etc. Erotic content is prohibited to prevent it from being sent to minors.

Some statements with profane context and intent are permissible (within reason):

  • Example: Saying "Fuck off" to a crew member who is bothering you
  • Example: Saying "Kiss my ass, Captain" to a Captain who is abusing their power

Statements with erotic or obscene context and intent are prohibited.